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Labor humanitaria de Michael Jackson Recuerdo de la inmensa labor filantrópica de MJ. Proyectos solidarios, fundaciones y obra benéfica.

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Antiguo 17-05-11, 19:11
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Thinking of Michael

Missing Michael today, as everyday... Listening to his music and thinking about how vitally he changed this world forever. Now we must carry on for him. Work toward peace everyday.
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Antiguo 21-05-11, 01:56
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For all time...
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Re: Thinking of Michael

That's right, wendy. We are heirs of his Legacy. We are his soldiers of LOVE and we will never allow his Message falls down because... it's all for LOVE, it's all for Michael

Welcome to MJ's HideOut

My Captain, my Hero, my Angel...
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Antiguo 21-05-11, 02:23
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Re: Thinking of Michael

Don`t be my friend! I know is hard, to lose somebody like michael...look, i have only 16 years old...i lost my grandparents and michael the same year, in october and december...and that almost kills me, but...i discover that i have to live, because like one of michael`s songs says: What`s the use of crying?...Believe me, i almost live in a terrible depression, and my pastlife wasn`t very good...i have traumas since the school...and...i don`t let my heart be so devastated...i know is hard, i am stronger as i can, god gave me talents, like the the gift of the song, to write poems, to be an entreteiner....and michael and my grandparents are one of my powerful reasons to continue living...I almost wanted to die, because...i tried one time to kill myself...but i understand, that michael would not accept me so young in heaven...he wants for me a better destiny....i will do it just for him...i will become an artist just i know that i am making him proud of me. he is watching me, and he is watching you, and he is watching everybody, all those persons who loved him...

So, please...Keep your head up, and it for him.
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Antiguo 27-05-11, 23:26
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Re: Thinking of Michael

Yes, thank you for responding.. it is warming to know we are all here in a community of MichaelLOVE.
Keeping his dream alive...

LOVE4MJ Always
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Antiguo 28-05-11, 00:17
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Re: Thinking of Michael

All the fans must be together in community..... or in the hideout :P
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