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Re: [28 de marzo] 28 Da de Juicio: Noticias y Fotos

[The Smoking Gun sigue actualizandose...] [Esto viene despues de lo puesto por Moonscape]

In arguing for admission of such evidence, Sneddon said that Jackson has long shown a proclivity for illicit behavior with young boys the entertainer considers "special friends." He noted that Jackson's grooming of young boys often included the purchase of gifts for a child's mother, so as to keep the parent preoccupied while he frolicked with the minor.

After Sneddon's 30-minute presentation, Thomas Mesereau, Jackson's attorney, told Melville that the D.A.'s case so far has been a weak one, riddled with repeated lies and contradictions from the alleged victim and his two siblings. Testimony about uncharged behavior, Mesereau said, would only serve to prop up Sneddon's wobbly case.

Noting that prosecutors had yet to call the victim's mother to the witness stand, Mesereau asked that Melville delay his decision on the introduction of prior bad acts testimony until the woman testifies. Referring to how Sneddon's case has been unfolding, Mesereau remarked, "Every time they put on a witness, it gets worse."

Jackson's lawyer then went into a point-by-point attack of the old material Sneddon wants to introduce. With the exception of Chandler and the maid's son, the five boys allegedly molested by Jackson--a group that includes actor Macaulay Culkin and choreographer Wade Robson--have all repeatedly denied being abused by the performer, Mesereau said.
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