Foros Michael Jackson's HideOut - Ver post único - Justicia: Fan de MJ vs Sony, el Estate y Angelikson por los temas Cascio *Solo NOTICIAS*
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Re: Una fan de MJ demanda al Estate por los temas Cascio

Aquí más datos:

El documento de la demanda:

MJ Fan vs. Sony/ MJ Estate/ Cascio/ Porte

Jojojojojo, como me alegra ver a Branca y esa gente como denunciados.

El forense que hizo el análisis:

Dr. Papcun is a scientist who analyzes sounds, especially the sounds of speech, with regard to their forensic implications. He has been employed by Los Alamos National Laboratory, The Aerospace Corporation and the University of California Phonetics Laboratory. He has served as an expert witness in the United States, Canada and Australia. He has held security clearances at the Secret, Top Secret and Q levels. He has completed projects for the Central Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency and the United States Secret Service. He will consider other challenging assignments.

Dr. Papcun's expertise includes analysis of recordings, enhancing the intelligibility of recordings, determining whether recordings have been altered, speaker identification, memory for voices, voice lineups, using voice to determine speaker veracity and voice morphing.
"Michael Jackson the man that walked the earth and
"Michael Jackson" the name/brand owned by the estate
are two completely different things"
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