"Mad Dog career in tatters" +2 artículos
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"Mad Dog career in tatters" +2 artículos

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Antiguo 17-06-05, 19:45
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"Mad Dog career in tatters" +2 artículos

The Sun se ha vuelto pro-MJ.

y otros dos sobre este tema:

14 Strikes and the Big Case of a 37-Year Career Is Out
Published: June 14, 2005

SANTA MARIA, Calif., June 13 - He tried to smile. He said he had no regrets. But there was little District Attorney Thomas W. Sneddon Jr. could do to cover up the bitter disappointment of the complete and utter defeat in the biggest case he has handled in his nearly four decades as a prosecutor.

Some legal experts said Mr. Sneddon should not have been surprised that his witnesses failed him. "When you bring a case that requires expenditure of such enormous financial and community resources and you are so wiped out by a verdict, it calls into question the prosecutor who brought it," said Anthony M. Glassman, a former federal prosecutor in Los Angeles.

"It surely could not have been a mystery that the alleged victim and his family had all the baggage they had. Those just aren't the kinds of cases that prosecutors with good judgment should be bringing."

You just had to be there in court
By Andrew Cohen
Guest Columnist

This is not a difficult result to analyze or explain. A jury acquitted Jackson of molestation because the evidence simply wasn't strong enough to support the felony convictions sought by prosecutors. He was acquitted because the witnesses against him were among the worst I have ever seen in a court.

Even though neither you nor I would ever let our children near him, Jackson is free today because it is not against the law to sleep in a bed with young boys. If you are angry with these jurors, don't be. Rest assured that as a group they were perfectly willing to send Jackson off to jail until he'd be eligible for Social Security. The case against Jackson was so bad that even you would have acquitted him based solely upon the evidence. Yes, it was that bad.

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Antiguo 17-06-05, 20:28
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Re: "Mad Dog career in tatters" +2 artículos

puedes poner una mini-traduccion a los articulos que pones? es que algunos el ingles... como que no nos va mu bien (mirar mi nota de estre trimestre xD). muchas gracias tio
"Si No Tenemos Cuidado, Los Medios De Comunicación Harán Que Odiemos A Los Oprimidos Y Amemos A Los Opresores" (By Soziedad Alcohólika)

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