MJJC Exclusive Q&A with DDA David Walgren
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MJJC Exclusive Q&A with DDA David Walgren

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Antiguo 06-06-12, 00:06
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MJJC Exclusive Q&A with DDA David Walgren

"As MJJC we are happy to bring you DDA (and soon to be Judge) David Walgren's answers to MJJC Exclusive Q&A.

From the start I have stated that not all of the questions would be sent to DDA Walgren. I and some members of MJJC Case team selected the final set of questions. We have omitted hoax / believer questions and questions about civil trials as they were irrelevant.

I have also notified that due to DDA Walgren being prosecutor in this case there could be questions he cannot answer. These topics included different possible charges, restitution and evidence related questions.

Enjoy the answers and please join me to say a big thank you to DDA David Walgren for generously agreeing to this Q&A despite his busy schedule."

MJJC: Before the trial would you consider yourself as a fan of Michael Jackson’s music? If yes, what is your favorite song of MJ’s?

David Walgren: Before the trial, I had great respect for Michael Jackson as an artist and enjoyed his music. However, as I learned more about him and his life, I came to really enjoy two songs in particular: Human Nature and Earth Song.

MJJC: Can you share some of your thoughts that you personally had on 6/25/2009 when the world learned of Mr. Jackson's death? Did you ever imagine at that time you could become the lead prosecutor in Michael Jackson’s death?

David Walgren: When I first learned of Michael Jackson’s death, I was in shock. My first thoughts centered on his relative youth, and the tragic loss for his children and other loved ones. At the time, I did not give any thought to any potential criminal prosecution.

MJJC: What was your perception of Michael Jackson (if you had one) before working on the case? How the knowledge of facts has changed, if this is the case, your opinion of him as a person (for the better or the worse)?

David Walgren: Prior to the trial, my perception of Michael Jackson was simply that he was a very gifted artist and, although I was aware of various media accounts regarding his personal life, I do not typically follow that type of reporting. Now that I have learned so much more about him as a person, I have come away with great admiration for him as a loving and dedicated father to his children.

All Questions and Answers

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Antiguo 06-06-12, 14:42
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Re: MJJC Exclusive Q&A with DDA David Walgren

Gracias por traer esto.
Hizo buen trabajo en el juicio y con las respuestas que ha dado me cae todavía mejor.
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