Texto completo de CAPITAN EO
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Texto completo de CAPITAN EO

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Antiguo 28-09-02, 22:20
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Texto completo de CAPITAN EO

Bueno pues me lo encontre por ahi, y para los que les guste tenerlo como a mi aqui tienen

Male Announcer: The cosmos: a universe of good and evil where a small group struggles to bring freedom to the countless worlds of despair; a rag-tag band led by the infamous Captain EO.

Ody: This planet doesn't look so dangerous, Idy.

Idy: Is this it, Ody?

Ody: We'll see.

Idy: Ohh.

Ody: We better find that landing beacon.

Idy: Hey, Hooter, we're almost there!

Hooter: (Blows trunk) Oh, boy!

Major Domo: Don't get too close or you'll trip their intrusion alarm.

Hooter: Yeah, don't blow it you guys.

Ody: Relax, there's no problem.

Idy: No problem. (Buzzer goes off.) INTRUSION ALERT!!!

Ody: Battle alert!

Idy: Battle alert!!

Minor Domo folds his robotic arms in and ducks behind something.

Major Domo: Don't panic! That's what got us into trouble the last time.

Ody: It wasn't our fault. It was Hooter's fault.

Idy: Right, Hooter's fault.

Hooter blows air out of his trunk right at Idy and Ody.

Idy: Oh, Hooter!

Whistle goes off.

Major Domo: Straighten up men. It's the Captain.

Captain EO rises up on an elevator platform into the cabin.

Minor Domo: Good morning, Captain.

Major Domo: It looks like we tripped their intrusion alarm, sir.

Hooter: Idy and Ody blew it. They got too close.

Captain EO: We're goin' in.

Major Domo: Sir, the ship is in absolutely no condition to go into battle. I thought we'd begin by cleaning up Hooter's bunk.

Captain EO: Hooter! Listen! The Command considers us a bunch of losers. But we're gonna do it right this time, 'cause we're the best. We don't we'll be drummed out of the corps.

Major Domo: We won't let you down this time, Captain.

Ody: We're going to do it right.

Idy: That's right, we'll be perfect, sir.

Hooter makes noise in agreement and salutes.

Captain EO: OK. (Salutes Hooter back.)
Idy: Captain, there's something weird out there.

Ody: A patrol ship.

Captain EO: I thought so. Maybe we can outrun him.

The enemy patrol ship roars by.

Idy: It's going to ram us!

Ody: Duck!

Captain EO: (Grabs control of the ship) Get to your stations!

Captain EO: Hold on, everybody, hold on!

Major Domo: We haven't found the landing beacon yet.

Captain EO: Somebody get the map. Where's the map?!

Idy: Who's got the map?

Ody: Fuzzball.

Fuzzball: (Chirps) Hooter has it. (Points in Hooter's direction.)

Major Domo: Hooter has it!

Captain EO: Hooter!

Hooter: I think I ate it!

Idy & Ody: You ate it!

Commander Bog: Captain EO?! You down there, EO?

Captain EO: Commander Bog.

Commander Bog: Captain EO, you are late reporting in. Are you having a problem finding our landing beacon?

Captain EO: No, sir. Everything's under control, sir!

Commander Bog looks around and sees the ship in disarray.

Commander Bog: What's going on?

Captain EO: We're having a slight weapons malfunction, sir.

Commander Bog: Captain EO, have you engaged in combat against orders?!

Commander Bog: I can't see! Captain EO, what's going on?

Captain EO: Woohoo!

Idy: We're going through.

Ody: No! Idy, the sail's not in.

Captain EO: Hooter, bring in the sail!

Hooter: OK.

Captain EO: It's right behind you, Hooter.

Hooter: I can't reach it.

Commander Bog: What's going on? (The yellow substance that Hooter threw onto Commander Bog's eyes begins to wear off.)

Captain EO: Somebody push the red button.

Major Domo: Use your trunk, Hooter.

Idy: Come on, Hooter. Stretch!

Captain EO: Wu!

Ody: We're losing power.

Captain EO: Everybody hold on!

Major Domo: Captain EO? Captain EO?!

EO sits up and looks around at what happened.

Ody: I think we found the beacon. Captain EO, take a look at this.

Captain EO: The homing beacon. We ran right into it!

Captain EO: Commander Bog!

Commander Bog: Captain EO?

Captain EO: Everything's OK, sir.

Major Domo: Right on time.

Captain EO: And we've reached the homing beacon, sir.

Commander Bog: Well, so far, so good, Captain EO. But, I must admit that I am a bit surprised after the mess you made of your last mission. But now that you've found the beacon, take the map, find the Supreme Leader and give her the gift. You do have the map, don't you?

Ody: No problem.

Idy: No problem, sir.

Hooter: Right here.

Commander Bog: Then get going! (His holographic image disappears.)

Hooter: Boy, do we have a problem.

Ody: We'll never find the supreme leader without a map.

Captain EO: (Whispers) Come on.

Hooter: I couldn't help it.

Captain EO: Quiet.

Hooter paws through the junk.

Captain EO: Hooter.

Hooter: I'm disguising myself.

Captain EO: Ha, ha. Hooter, listen. Put it back and let's go.

Hooter blows his trunk and puts a trash can on his head.

Captain EO: (Laughing) Don't be silly.

Hooter: Gotta have a disguise.

Idy & Ody: Shh!

Hooter: Sorry.

Guard: Get them!

Idy: Who is it?

Major Domo: The Supreme Leader.

Hooter: Hey, I told you I'd find her.

Supreme Leader: Silence! Infidel!

Hooter: Infidel?

Supreme Leader: You infect my world with your presence. Turn the others into ... trash cans!

Hooter: See you later trash can! (Runs over to Major Domo)

Supreme Leader: And for him! 100 years of torture in my deepest dungeon.

Captain EO: (Remaining strong and unmoved) Your highness, my loyal companions and I accept these punishments.

Hooter: We do?

Idy: Of course we do, he's our captain.

Hooter: Speak for yourself. (Honks)

Captain EO: We have come here uninvited and unannounced.

Supreme Leader: So, then we both admit to your ... stupidity! Why have you come?

Captain EO: To bring a gift, your highness. To someone as beautiful as you.

Supreme Leader: You think me ... beautiful?

Captain EO: Very beautiful within, your highness, but without a key to unlock it. And that is my gift to you.

Supreme Leader: So, let me see this gift.

Captain EO: Not only see, your highness, but hear.

Captain EO: Hooter, hurry up! (He removes his cape and throws it on the floor.)

Idy: Come on, Hooter.

Ody: Over here.

Idy & Ody: No.

Supreme Leader: Send in my troops!

Hooter: I got it, I got it! (Pushes keyboard back upright.)

Captain EO: Hooter!! Hurry up and fix it, Hooter!

Supreme Leader: Send him to my dungeon!

Captain EO: Hooter!

Hooter: (Sparks two wires together) I got it!

Supreme Leader: Get him!

Captain EO: Wu!

Captain EO: We're on a mission in the everlasting light that shines
A revelation of the truth and chapters of our minds

Synthesized Voice: So long, bad times

Captain EO: We're gonna shake it up
Break it up
We're sharing light brighter than the sun

Synthesized Voice & Fuzzball: Hello, good times

Captain EO: We're here to stimulate, eliminate, an' congregate, illuminate

Dancers: We are here to change the world

Captain EO: We! Gonna change the world. We!

Dancers: We are here to change the world

Captain EO: Gonna change the world. Wu!

Captain EO: So do surrender 'cause my power's deep inside my soul
Sing it!

Dancers: We are here to change the world

Captain EO: We! Gonna change the world. Yeah, yeah.

Dancers: We are here to change the world

Captain EO: We! Gonna change the world. Wu!

Supreme Leader: My whip warriors!

Supreme Leader: Destroy him! Ha, ha, ha.

Hooter: Let's go

Captain EO: Wu!

Dancers: We are here to change the world

Captain EO: We're gonna change the world, girl

The Supreme Leader covers her ears and groans.

Dancers: We are here to change the world

Captain EO: My brothers! My brothers! We're gonna change the world.

Dancers: We are here to change the world

Captain EO: We! Deep down in my fire. Deep down in my soul, baby.

Dancers: We are here to change the world

Captain EO: We! Gonna change the world. Wu!

Captain EO: Wu!

Captain EO: We're sending out
A major love
And this is our
Message to you
The planets are linin' up
We're bringin' brighter days
They're all in line
Waitin' for you
Can't you see?
You're just another part of me
Wu! Another part of me

Fuzzball: Bye, bye.

Captain EO: We're takin' over
We have the truth
This is our mission
To see it through
Don't point your finger
Not dangerous
This is our planet
You're one of us

Captain EO: We're sending out
A major love
And this is our
Message to you
The planets are linin' up (Three planets appear in line, then disappear and a starfield appears.)
We're bringin' brighter days
They're all in line
Waitin' for you (The "Captain EO" logo appears and, with the music, laser lights flash from behind the screen out through the room.)
Can't you see?
You're just another part of me, Ee, Ee, Wu!

The end

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Antiguo 28-09-02, 22:23
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Gracias, Emi!
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Antiguo 28-09-02, 22:28
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ese dialogo si ke no lo tenia..gracias a ti ya lo tengo..

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Antiguo 28-09-02, 22:42
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alguien no tiene los subtitlos ya con el tiempo para ponercelos a mi VCD de capitan eo ?
It's how you see the world
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Antiguo 29-09-02, 11:00
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Por cierto, supongo que ya lo sabreis pero bueno, al final de Captain Eo en los créditos sale James Horner, el de la banda sonora de Titanic! ;D era solo una curiosidad...jeje!

Gracias por el texto Emi!!
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Antiguo 29-09-02, 19:11
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Gracias infinitas
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Antiguo 30-09-02, 07:30
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