Exclusive!!!!!!michael Comes Back In Indiana!!! Read.....
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Exclusive!!!!!!michael Comes Back In Indiana!!! Read.....

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Antiguo 21-05-03, 07:21
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Exclusive!!!!!!michael Comes Back In Indiana!!! Read.....

HI, THIS IS AN EXCLUSIVE BY MJFC ( www.mjfanclub.net )
Michae will be in Gary on May 22, 2003.
Read this words....

May 20, 2003

Michael Jackson is Going Back To Indiana!

For most of us going home is a pleasant experience that involves reuniting with old friends and neighbors and perhaps enjoying a back yard barbecue._ That is, unless you are MICHAEL JACKSON!_ In that case, you visit your old home at 2300 Jackson Street, drop by City Hall and even a stop by the old high school._ And, of course, that means that FANS WILL WANT TO BE THERE!

Get ready, Gary, because Michael's going back to Indiana and for fans, this means that here's the chance of a lifetime to see the King Of Pop in his own home town!_ This is a "Major Michael Alert!"_ Get yourself ready because this is happening this Thursday, May 22, 2003!_

Keep checking back to the Michael Jackson Fan Club www.mjfanclub.net for up to the minute information on when and where Michael will be this Thursday in Gary!
source: MJFC
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Antiguo 21-05-03, 09:38
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May 20, 2003 - 4:35 pm
Michael Jackson Arrives in Indy

Michael Jackson holds his daughter's hand as they disembark.

Jackson's limousine heads to the Canterbury Hotel.

Pop star Michael Jackson is in town.

Jackson’s plane touched down at Indianapolis International Airport late Tuesday afternoon. He is in Indianapolis to give a court deposition.

Jackson arrived at a private area of the airport and quickly got into a waiting limousine. The limousine took him to the Canterbury Hotel.

Eager fans waited outside the Canterbury Hotel Monday night and Tuesday in the hope of getting a glimpse of the reclusive singer.

The pop star is being sued by former members of a music group called "Ripples and Waves." That group was based in Gary, Indiana in the 1960's, along with Jackson's former group, "The Jackson Five". The suit maintains the "The Jackson Five" illegally recorded two copyrighted songs by "Ripples and Waves.”

Thanx Areyouwacked KOP y a Daniela.
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Antiguo 23-05-03, 06:48
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kisiera saber un foro italiano...
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