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Antiguo 25-05-03, 06:57
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Sign the Petition: To CNN to stop calling Michael Jackson "Wacko Jacko"


I found this at MJJ Forum, and I invite u to sign it.

Kisses for everyone.
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Antiguo 25-05-03, 07:32
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Antiguo 25-05-03, 14:27
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thank you for the link! i signed!

there are 531 signatures now!

keep going

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Antiguo 26-05-03, 15:06
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Well, i don't like this too, so I create a site called Wacko Jacko, that make with the media what they maked with Mike.

It's a brazilian site, but if you want to see...
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Antiguo 17-06-03, 07:59
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