A tomar por saco la bicicleta, que dijo aquél
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A tomar por saco la bicicleta, que dijo aquél

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Antiguo 19-01-02, 15:06
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A tomar por saco la bicicleta, que dijo aquél

Kazaa Suspends Downloads
Service awaits decision from Dutch court

The Arizona Republic
Internet company Kazaa BV on Jan. 17 said it suspended downloads of its popular software that lets users trade songs online pending a decision in a copyright lawsuit filed against it in a Dutch court.

"Download of the Kazaa Media desktop software is temporarily and voluntarily suspended pending Dutch court decision on Jan. 31,'' the Amsterdam-based company said in a message on its Web site at www.kazaa.com.

In late November, a Dutch judge ruled in a court case, which has upped the ante for copyright abuse online, that Kazaa must stop its users sharing copyrighted music files.

Kazaa has built its service with software from Netherlands-based FastTrack. Both companies are founded and run by the same person: 35-year-old Swedish-born Niklas Zennstrom.

FastTrack also licenses its technology to other popular file-swapping services known as Grokster and Morpheus.

Kazaa, Grokster and Music City have all been named in a separate suit filed last fall by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA).

The trade groups claim the services permit users to download and trade copyrighted material without permission. The RIAA grounded Napster in July with a similar suit.

Napster recently launched a test version of a new secure service that prohibits unauthorized trading of songs.

But in the meantime, FastTrack has picked up where the original Napster left off by enabling tens of millions of users to trade tracks of the Beatles and Britney Spears for free as well as movie files.

Kazaa in November said it could not comply with the judge's order because unlike Napster, it is designed to work without a central computer server and does not know who its customers are.

© 2002, Arizona Central. All Rights Reserved.


Vamos, que Kazaa (El servidor responsable del programa Morpheus) está de momento paralizado esperando una decisión de un juzgado holandés y hasta entonces no saben que hacer. Lo mismo que pasó con Napster, vaya.
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