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+ Sobre Magical Award, ira o no ira?

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Antiguo 31-03-02, 12:30
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+ Sobre Magical Award, ira o no ira?

Buenas!! esto es algo largo asi q si alguien s anima a hacer un resumen o a traducirlo pues estaria bien
Comenta la noticia q dio MJNI q MJ no iba a asistir y q no sabian nada sobre este premio. Pq todas las apariciones d MJ son tan dificiles??? y llenas d malos rollos?? un dia d estos m da algo

Welcome to The Official Newsletter of Celebrate the Magic Day!

On May 1st, 2002, 1 million children around the world will sing Michael Jackson's Heal the World at the same time! It's called Celebrate the Magic Day! An international event to promote world peace, love, and happiness, through the Magic of children.

Dear Friends:

This week, MJNI web site posted a false story about Celebrate the Magic Day.
I immediately addressed the issue when it appeared on the KOP message board,
and have since received an apology from members of the KOP message board, for
the rumors that were started by MJNI. I thought that was the end of it, and
did not bring it up in the Celebrate the Magic Day newsletters because I did
not want to distract everyone from the wonderful and important work we are

However, the rumor keeps circulating even among our Magic Ambassadors, many
who are not from a MJ fan club, and wondering why they get these rumors in
their email box.

So let me share with you the official statement explaining the facts about
our contact with Michael Jackson. I hope this will put a stop to these ugly
rumors once and for all and we can all stay focused on promoting world peace,
love and happiness through the magic of children.

As always I thank for your support. May God Bless and Keep you on your heroic
mission. It is now more important than ever that we succeed.

Yours Truly,


The report on March 29, made by Goria Haydock President, MJ News
International is false. Here is what they posted on the internet.

" March 29, 2002 Number 512
Celebrate the Magic Day
MJNI would like to confirm that, in answer to my question whether
Michael would be attending the above celebration, Michael Jackson's office
replied that my enquiry was the first they had heard that Michael had been
They stated they had received no invitation and had no plans to
attend at this point.

Gloria Haydock
President, MJ News International "


Now here are the facts. I personally spoke via phone, Friday morning with HK
Management in Los Angles, California, and was assured that no such statement
had been made, and that whoever reported this information misrepresented
their office, and I quote, "Had not gone through proper channels."

Michael Jackson's Management was very concerned, and upset that they were
being misrepresented, and asked me for the E-mail addresses, and names of all
involved. I forwarded the false report from MJNI directly to his personal
manager, as she requested.

Celebrate the Magic Foundation has been officially in contact with Michael
Jackson, through his personal manager, since he was nominated for the award.
We have replied and agree to all request made by Michael Jackson, to us
through his personal manager.

I have said all along, and will repeat here in this official statement that
only Michael Jackson will announce his appearance at the Magical Life awards,
when he is ready. I have not and will not pressure Michael or his management
to make an announcement until they are ready.

No fan club, web site, or anyone on the Internet can make any official
statements regarding Michael Jackson's appearance at the Magical Life awards.
Unless it comes from Michael Jackson's management in cooperation with the
Celebrate the Magic Foundation, the statement is false.

Now with that being said, I want to address the small percentage of Michael
Jackson fans who have made negative statements and posted false stories and
rumors. Celebrate the Magic Day is about promoting world peace, love and
happiness through the Magic of children. It is not about Michael Jackson, it
is not about Mark Magic Eberra. The movement is bigger than any one man, or
woman, it's bigger than any one group or country.

When your only concern is whether there will be a Michael Jackson
performance, autograph session or photo opportunity you dishonor all the
people in the world who are working for peace, love and happiness on behalf
of children.

You disrespect and dishonor people like Michal Hirshberg, who has worked for
years to bring together Jewish and Arab children for peace, and will do it
again on Celebrate the Magic Day.

You disrespect and dishonor, Aliy from Iran, and who is not allowed to sing
in public, so she will have to sing alone indoors on Celebrate the Magic Day.

And you disrespect Michael Jackson's legacy and humanitarian work as well.
There are plenty of opportunities to see Michael Jackson perform, or simply
to see him in person.

I was warned not to allow the nomination of Michael Jackson for the Magical
Life Award to take place for this very reason. I was told there would be a
spectacle in NYC if I did. I was told thousands of screaming fans would be
outside the venue and the news media would ignore all the children of the

And then there were those close to me, who said Michael being accused as
child molester, and his negative image reported by the media, would tarnish
the months and years of hard work thousands of people had put into Celebrate
the Magic Day, long before his name surfaced as a Nominee. I listened to
everyone, but in the end it was the children's voices that I heard and
respected most.

Children who took the time to not only vote, but E-mail essays, and hand
written letters about Michael's influence on them to overcome fear, ignorance
and prejudice and to shine light on the world.

The people who are coming to NYC, and singing with the children of the world,
are doing it for the right reasons. They are doing it out of love and respect
for the children of the world. They are coming for world peace. Wherever you
are on Celebrate the Magic Day, it does not matter whether you sing outloud,
or silently in your heart, your voices will be heard. And on this day, the
world will be a better place. I thank for your support. May God bless each
and every one of you and I wish you all the peace, love, and happiness, you


Mark Magic Eberra
Celebrate the Magic Foundation

© 2002 Celebrate the Magic Foundation
Written & Composed by Michael Jackson.
Produced by Michael Jackson.Arrenged by Michael Jackson.
Lead Vocal by Michael Jackson.Background Vocals by Michael Jackson.
All musical Instruments Performed by Michael Jackson.

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Antiguo 31-03-02, 12:55
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Hola Pop! Voy a dar mi opinion sobre el tema, aunque tu ya la conoces Yo soy de los q pienso siempre negativamente, y creo q MJ no irá a la ceremonia esta. No irá pq cuando Él tiene intenciones de ir a algun sitio corre la voz y se sabe varios dias antes. Cuando no se sabe hasta ultima hora si va o no va, al final nunca va.

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Antiguo 31-03-02, 16:35
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Nos podeis hacer un breve resumen, no me entero de na
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Antiguo 31-03-02, 18:23
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Seguro ke irá (por los niños del mundo)
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" Everybody has deep, dark secrets.."
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Antiguo 01-04-02, 01:05
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El reporte que me mandaste de MJNI es falso: Aqui estan los hechos. Yo personalmente hablé esta mañana con la manager de HK, en los Angeles CA. y me aseguró que ningun comentario como ese se habia hecho y que esa información no representaba lo dicho por su oficina y cito "No ha sigo enviada por fuentes correctas"

La manager de MJ estaba muy consternada y triste que ellos fueron malentendidos y me pidió por los e mails y nombres de todas las personas envueltas en esto. le reenvie el mail que tu me mandaste a ella, como me lo solicitó.
CTMF tiene contacto oficial con Michael, a través de su manager personal desde que fue nominado al premio, Hemos respondido y aceptado cualquier petición de MJ a traves de su manager.
He dicho por mucho tiempo y lo repetiré aqui en este comunicado oficial que Michael Jackson anunciará su asisstencia a los premios cuando esté listo para hacerlo, no presionaré a Michael o a su manager para hacer un anuncio hasta que ellos esten listos.
Ningun Fan Club, web site o nadie en el Internet puede hacer un anuncio oficial con respecto a la participación de Michael a los premios a menos que venga del manager de Micahel, en colaboración con CTMF, Este anuncio es falso.
Ahora con esto dicho, Quiero mencionar a esos pocos MJ fans que han hecho calquier comentario negativo y han escrito falsa información y rumores.
CTM is para promover la paz mundial, amor y felicidad a traves de la magia de los niños. No se trata de Micahel Jackson, de Magic Mark Eberra. El movimiento es mucho más grande que cualquier ser humano o mujer, es más grande que un grupo o país.

Cuando solo piensas en si habrá una actuación de Micahel, una seción de autografos, o un aopotunidad para tomarte una foto con él, estas deshonrando a todas las personas en el mundo que trabajan para la paz, amor y felicidad a nombre de los niños.
Tu deshonraz a personas como Michal Hirshberg * quien a trabajado por años para unir a los niños Arabes y Palestinos para la paz y lo hará de nuevo en CTM.
Tu deshonraz a Aliy de Iran a quien no se le permite cantar en publico, así que cantará apuertas cerrrada en CTM

Y deshonras al legado de Micahel y a su trabajo humanitario también. Hay muchas otras oportunidades para ver a MJ actuar o simplemente verlo en persona.

Me advirtieron no nominar a MJ para el premio exactamente por esta razón. Me dijeron que habria especulaciones sobre NY si lo hacia. Me dijeron que cientos de fans estarian afuera del lugar y los medios e ignorarian el canto de los niños del mundo
Y tambien estaban aquellos cercanos mios que me decian que MJ habia sido acusado de molestar a niños, y su imagen negativa seria reportada por los medios, y aruinaria el trabajo de meses de cientos de personas en CTM. Mucho antes que su nombre saliera a la luz, Liste a todos, pero fueron las voces de los niños a las que escuché.
Niños que se tomaron el tiempo de no solo votar, sino escribir ensayor por mail y carta acerca de como la influencia de Micahel los ayudaba en contra del miedo, la ignorancia y el prejuicio y como brillaba la luz en el mundo.
Las personas que vendran a NY y cantaran con los niños del mundo lo hacen por las razones correctas, Lo hacen por el amor y el respeto hacia los niños del mundo. Ellos vienen por la paz mundial, Dondequiera que estes en CTM no importa que cantes silenciosamente en tu corazón o en voz alta, tus voces serán oidas, Y ese día el mundo sera un mejor lugar. Les gradezo por su apoyo, Dios los bendiga a cada uno de estudes, les deseo toda la paz, amor y felicidad, la merecen.
Mark Eberra

Personalmente siento que Mark expesa el verdadero significado del evento, no se trata de un evento exclusivo a MJ, no es un concierto en el MSG, este evento es mucho más que eso, simboliza la paz, amistad y hermandad en todo el mundo, ese es el mensaje de Michael, y el estará presente ahí aun no fisicamente, Su mensaje y enseñanza es lo más importante en esta celebración
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Antiguo 01-04-02, 13:23
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desde luego estoy totalmente deacuerdo con Mark,lo q ocurre sq los q amamos a MJ deseamos q asista para q la gente reconozca d una vez x todas su gran labor humanitaria,q vean q MJ no es como dicen los tabloides,y tb xq nos gustaria q recogiese el mejor premio q le pueden dar,pues es d parte d los niños.... ya no es x verlo en persona,hacernos una foto o verle cantar.... nosotros no vamos a estar alli,ojala entendieran nuestra postura Mark y MJ......
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Antiguo 01-04-02, 14:22
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Tiene razon al decir que no es un evento exclusivo para Michael, si no por causas humanitarias y sobre todo por los niños del mundo. Yo creo que Michael no se puede perder el evento.
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Antiguo 01-04-02, 14:52
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Estoy con este comunicado. El evento y la causa esta por encima de todo, y así lo querría michael, persona que toda su vida a luchado por una causa como ésta, y por ello ha ganado. Vaya o no, el premio ya es de michael.
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