My tribute set for Michael Jackson 1958-2009
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My tribute set for Michael Jackson 1958-2009

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Antiguo 29-06-09, 02:05
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My tribute set for Michael Jackson 1958-2009

This is my tribute to the king of pop.
A friend of mine that I'm connected with via scene I'm dj'ing in, asked me if I wanted to do a one-hour Michael Jackson tribute dj set to honour Michael Jackson at a cultural event in Holland, on june 27th.
It was a chance to say goodbye to Michael in my own personal way.
Beside the dj set, I also put some of my favorite video material together at a DVD what got monitored on the big screen.
It was great to see the videos for this change in big, as they were connecting with the sound of the set I was doing

The set was about one hour long. Two cuts from the tribute were recorded on video by my girlfriend. Hereunder you can find the longest part (you will find the other part also, in my youtube channel) :

rest in peace michael
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Antiguo 29-06-09, 02:09
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Re: My tribute set for Michael Jackson 1958-2009

Congratulations for giving such a tribute to Michael ! Also you are a good Dj.

Thank you!.


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